Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ramblings and Looping!

We had an interesting couple of days with a discounted lunch and a movie... The movie  Looper is in the sci-fi genre... It's about time travel and the ending, hints at a person knowing the future sequence of events and correcting the sequence in the present! A more simplified version would be a question everyone would have thought of at some point or the other.... can destiny be altered based on what you do or is what you do just taking you on an already established course? Keep pondering...

I just Googled for the movie and you have articles on explanations, paradoxes and even a visual timeline explaining the flow of events in each timeframe!

My one  friend didn't like the movie while another did; but all of us are grateful to the friend who saved us from the extra service charge!

I am amazed at our Chennai drivers; a person on a bike with a wife and kid takes a  u-turn in a forbidden junction putting his  family at risk; it shudders sometimes to think how they are willing to risk their loved ones to save a few minutes and a little fuel. I guess we never treasure what we have.

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