Sunday, December 16, 2012

A day in the city - 12 lakhs bedroom!

An interesting day that started out with a movie in the morning. After lunch, the guys said they wanted to go on a long drive. And so we went - we stopped at Loyola to catch up with a friend before going on a loooong drive where traffic cops were surprised seeing us stop for red signals that were not meant for us! 

We covered around 40 kms within the city. A couple of things that made the day eventful. Our last stop was in a relatively unknown mall in the city.

12 lakhs for my dream bedroom!

We saw a Tempur shop - a company specialized in memory foam mattresses and pillows (the ones which regain their shape). My friend wasn't interested in stepping in because he felt it would be expensive. A memory foam foot mat welcomed us. We enquired about the rates and he said about 4 lakh rupees for a double bed mattress. It did feel awesome - firm but soft. You would most certainly have a very good sleep on it and probably less neck or back pain as the posters illustrated. In case you didn't want to buy a full Tempur mattress, they had a top-up version which could be placed on top of regular mattresses - the top-up is thinner version and a single costs just Rs.78,000 or so. After sitting on it and testing it, we left the shop with a determination to buy it someday! It does come with a 15 year warranty and they say it should last for 30 years!

Next stop in the same mall was a Philips LED shop with a tag line that said something like "See what light can do". The ambience inside was nice - one area bright, one area dim like the setting in a bedroom or a home theatre room. On enquiring we learnt that all the lights were LED, they could be controlled and they changed colors. It wasn't just the lights but along with the lights they had glass items like tubes which were used as reflectors to add to create different effects. They provide customized solutions and the setup they had in the showroom cost Rs.8 lakhs. So that's Rs.12 lakhs for my bedroom!

The small things matter

We jumped into a coffee shop that was advertised as being specialists in coffee/tea. But what we found interesting was something else - after finishing our drink, the owner asked us if we wanted anything else. We said no and assumed that they would bring the bill. For 15 minutes we kept talking and there was no sign of the bill. We asked the owner for the bill and he immediately brought the bill - he was waiting for us to ask because he didn't want to interrupt our conversation; giving the customer the bill is as good as asking the customer to leave soon - instead over here they waited till we were ready to leave; we found it touching; maybe we'll visit them again.

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