Saturday, December 29, 2007

Travelogue: Getting popular

One question a lot of people asked after reading the previous blog was whether it was my mobile; the mobile was not mine, it was my colleague’s mobile who was on vacation for his marriage! I never applied for a new mobile because my stay was going to be really short and it wasn’t really required.

I ransacked my bag once again in the bus but was unable to find the mobile. When I reached home my roommate said, “What happened? We were thinking of taking the car to come in search of you when we heard some Spanish guy answer the mobile”.Wow; a Spanish guy!
I recollected my story; we tried calling the mobile a few times but it was switched off now. The good thing here was the CDMA system – there was nothing like replacing a SIM card and using the mobile with some other provider. If the guy who had my mobile wanted to use it he would have to use it as such – he couldn’t change anything. My roommate said we could block the number once my colleague returned.

And that was the end of the day.

Next day I searched online for the telephone number of the theatre and finally found it. They directed me to another office which registers complaints for lost items; they informed that they would get back in case they found something.

Everyday morning was a rush - I would wake up at 6 or 6:30am; have some cornflakes at home and then rush to the bus stop. The 7am bus was ideal – anything at 8am would mean traffic jams while entering New York city. But still the rides were comfortable – you didn’t feel tired after an hour of traveling. No jerks and no sweat. We would have breakfast at office – something I really looked forward to everyday! Double omlette sandwich, two pancakes, a banana and a glass of milk (and their average glass size is pretty large). The first time I took all of that (it was self service style – you go to each counter and pick up whatever you want; certain things like omlette you would order and pick it up once the cook has finished), the cook said, “heavy breakfast”.
“Well, not really but I am quite hungry”, I replied.
I guess Americans didn’t really have a heavy breakfast because whoever I saw in the canteen ate light in the morning. And so did my colleagues. My reputation slowly grew due to my appetite (though I didn’t feel I was eating too much) – a lady saw my plate in the morning and asked, “Is that all for you?”
“Oh; you eat well”.
Maybe yes; but my mom would still have said that I eat much less than what I should be eating! Whatever it was I simply loved the breakfast in US :-)


Jazemzer said...

SS.. Cook sonnathellam irukatum.. Antha mobile enna aachu.. atha sollavae illayae.. Phantom enna pannunaru..

Jazemzer said...

SS, enna mega seriala edukureenga? Intha ilu ilukureenga??

Unknown said...

Well, have to go in sequence - can't jump days - so you have to bear with the suspense :-)
The fate of the mobile will be known at the end of the serial!