Sunday, August 19, 2007

Travelogue: All on my own...

I learnt some basic cooking from my roommates. A couple of days I got dressed up to go outside with Wreet in the evening but just as we were about to step outside my mobile would start ringing – another production support; there were no major issues but still it meant that I had to monitor the batch jobs and it meant I needed my laptop and that meant I had to stay at home :-(

I enjoyed the ride to office and back everyday – the subway was crowded; hard to get a seat but that was just a 10 minute ride. The bus was quite comfortable, peaceful and quiet. Days sped by quickly and soon it was time for Wreet to bid adieu. We were packing pretty much upto the last minute till the cab arrived! He had a good amount to carry back including two laptops. There were some weird rules in travel – you can carry two cabin bags from US to UK but from UK to India we can carry only one – same airline but different rules for different sectors! Check-in baggage weight limit was more than sufficient – two bags each upto a maximum of 20kg.

After Wreet’s departure I didn’t have a partner to hang out in the city with. My two colleagues were different in nature – one spent most of his time with his friends while the other wasn’t that keen on traveling around the city; and also both of them were long timers in US; we rarely explore areas where we spend most of our time – it is only when we make short trips to places that we really explore places. So I was pretty much on my own from now onwards.

I was eagerly awaiting the weekend to explore the city. Saturday night I researched into areas of interest – made a list of what all I wanted to see and also checked on timings, reviews, ticket rates etc. My colleague wasn’t interested in any of the places on the list except for Atlantic city (the city of casinos!). And I was determined to visit something on Sunday – I didn’t want a weekend to go waste.

Sunday morning he told me not to take the subway. He told me to take the bus, get off at the terminal, visit Madame Tussads (which was just a few minutes walk from the terminal) and return back. No subways today! Ah well, I had to give him my word because otherwise he wouldn’t let me venture out alone in the city. And off I went – having some company would have been good (a girl would have been perfect!) but I had to be content with roaming alone. In a way it was fun; you don’t need to worry about anything, can do whatever you feel like, no one to keep a watch on you, absolute freedom. Sit where you want, go where you feel like, eat what you want. First thing I did was to observe the bus route but I didn’t succeed much in my endeavor – I dozed off as usual!

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