Saturday, August 04, 2007

Travelogue: End of another day...

Saturday night - return from Bronx:

We had some junk food on our return – somehow you kind of liked to have burgers and sip a little coke while in the US. We spent a short while strolling through Bryant park (a decent park) – it was really nice to see a spacious park in the heart of crowded New York. I wish Chennai had such spacious and clean parks. We took a few snaps; saw a few ‘sights’ and strolled over to the famous Times Square. I noticed that a good number of couples displayed their affection towards each other in public places – something that surprised me initially but now I was getting used to it; be it the metro, the streets, the zoo – just about anywhere I would catch a glimpse of them. Was a little irritating at times but you get used to it slowly – perhaps jealousy? :-)

It was rush hour in Times Square and you could catch people of varying nationalities there – a lot of tourists and a fair amount of Indians as well; a square that was bustling with energy.
Since we had our bus timetable we arrived at the right time in the bus terminal to catch our bus. The terminal was different and took some time to get used to – inside it was like a shopping mall – filled with stores and restaurants. And there were a lot of door numbers – with each door number corresponding to a particular bus number. You wait in the queue near the door number and when the bus arrives you can step outside the door and into the bus. It was organized and ensured that the ones who came first got in first into the bus.

The bus ride was great – Wreet was there to wake me up as I dozed away (which I always do!). My body clock needs to get used to the bus ride to automatically alert me when I reach our bus stop. It was chilly at night but fortunately the rain God was away. It was an awesome feeling to stand on top of the overhead bridge used for crossing the highway road; cars flying at high speeds below you and the cool breeze sending shivers through your body even though you are covered by a large leather jacket.

At home we learnt from Anish that bacon was pork and not ham – wow; what a relief – so I had tasted turkey and pork today. Did it taste good? When in hunger anything edible tastes good!
Wreet was instantly onto his laptop to upload the pictures he had taken in the zoo – and there were plenty of them. And another eventful US day came to an end. Would the rain God stay away on Sunday as well? said that the rain God will be in action throughout most of tomorrow!

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