Sunday, March 15, 2009

Part 13 – Love as a time pass works out!

After munching on some chips and biscuits, KY started the conversation from the back of the van.
I won’t disclose who said what in this – I leave that to your imagination!

“Hey, tell something about your girlfriend” YK started.
“What to tell?”
“Start something interesting – how you met or how you made her love you or something of interest”
“That is all easy”
“Really, ok – then tell how one should make a girl fall in love”
“That takes time; you should go slowly about it”
“Ok, what is the first step to do”
“First main step is that you should get her trust”
“Her trust?”
“Ya – win her trust”
“How do we get the trust?” someone else interjected.
“Haha – he is asking so excitedly as if trust can be bought. Which market can I buy trust from?”
“Its like she should get comfortable with you – she should feel like confiding everything to you and trust you”
“Ok, how do we win the trust?”
“Keep talking regularly and be with her in bad and good times and you will win trust”
“Talking regularly means how regularly and how long?”
“Everyday you should talk; start with few minutes and then it will go on for hours as days go by”
“For hours? What do you talk for hours everyday?”
“Anything; sometimes we would play antakshri also on phone”
“Oh, even songs you will sing on phone”
“Ok, after winning her trust what next?”
“Once you win her trust then it is easy – it will all naturally happen. You will start talking about a lot of personal things and all”
“Oh; then?”
“Then if should reach the point where they are always thinking about you. Like they should feel life has to be with you”
“And then?”
“At some point you or she will say about love and it will just click. At that point it will just seem so natural. You shouldn’t force your way”
“Oh ho. Just like that”
“Ya, trust is the most important thing”

“And how long is your current love story going for?”
“A few years now. Had another one before that but that is over now”
“What? How many have you had?”
“Hey, these are not really serious ones – just for time pass you do”
“So you don’t intend to marry the one you love?”
“Of course not – marriage is arranged marriage only; there’s a thrill in that – some unknown person you get to live”
“Ya; I am never serious about these affairs”
“And here I am who keep asking girls with all the seriousness of marrying them and they refuse”

“Oh, really? You are serious about the ones you propose?”
“Of course”
We guys did laugh over it and that was the irony; you had one case of someone who was serious about commitment but love had never clicked for him. And there was another person who loved as a time pass with no intention of marriage and girls were mad of him.

The ironies of life!